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The central question of this book: the dentist - mechanic or medical doctor?

Dear reader,

It takes a certain amount of courage to buy a book about dentistry to buy, because most people do not like to go to the dentist. This profession is associated with pain, with drilling and chiseling and pulling. For me, as a representative of my profession, it is a challenge to counter this cliché and change the public image of dentistry. dentistry in the public eye. Because actually dental treatment is about something completely different: preserving, protecting, healing. protecting, healing.

These goals, at least, are represented by Holistic Dentistry. It is is not known to large parts of the population, which this book will hopefully hopefully will change. Holistic dentistry is represented by about 2000 of my colleagues in Germany. They are all concerned not to repair locally, but to strengthen and mobilize the entire organism in its self-regulatory forces. in its self-regulatory powers and to mobilize it.

Dentistry is not a craft with a medical background. Dentistry is medicine - that is the credo of this book.

What does that mean specifically? The majority of my patients, who often come from come to my holistic practice from far away, are people with a long People with a long history of suffering. They have one or more chronic diseases, diffuse symptoms, unclear nerve pain, complain about symptoms such as fatigue, overstimulation, sometimes also about anxiety. They have usually had a long odyssey through clinics and doctor's offices until someone in this chain came up with the idea of had the idea to send them to a holistic dentist. I listen to their problems, and it is not uncommon for us to come across a past conversation, we also come across a past dental treatment that started the that started their suffering. Often their symptoms are connected with a poisoning of the organism by metals or interference fields. fields. If I then remove the incriminating dental materials and eliminate the fields, this sometimes has amazing effects that make one believe in a miracle. miracle.

However, this book is not about miracles, but about a different kind of dental thinking that leads, for example, to a patient with a patient with a 15-year-old facial neuralgia after the surgical after the surgical removal of a dental interference field. after surgical removal of a dental interference field - and remains so to this day. I would like to familiarize you with the basics the basics of this way of thinking - with the meridian theory, which is based on the the connection between the internal organs and the teeth, with the theory, which some of you may have come across before, with a small with a little material science, which will show you which dentures are really dentures are really compatible for your mouth.

Unfortunately, conventional dentistry, whose training regulations are now being reformed for the first time in 50 years, has lost sight of many of the key developments in regulatory medicine, biocybernetics, cellular chemistry, and quantum quantum physics in the past decades, which has led to a dramatic lack of knowledge. This has led to a dramatic lack of knowledge in German dentistry in the forward-looking field of in the forward-looking field of life sciences. The holistic dentistry has not stopped researching and its representatives in natural representatives in naturopathy as well as other therapies. My colleagues and I therefore sit back and relax when we are accused by professional associations accuse us of not having scientifically verified our not scientifically tested. In reality, they are simply conventional dentistry are simply far ahead of the needs of the patients. patients.

The patients, you, dear readers, have always had a good sense of what conventional medicine is missing. Not without reason, the majority of the population would like to have naturopathic methods procedures into their medical treatment, and the desire for materials that are as non-toxic and biocompatible as possible is great. The Holistic Dentistry takes this into account. When you visit one of your dentists, he will not simply tear out everything that has been done there so far and make it " new", but will carefully tailor his carefully to your individual needs, as you will learn on the following pages. You will learn about this on the following pages. This is helped by a series of holistic diagnostic procedures, which I will also present to you presented here. Holistic dentistry is not a radical alternative but a alternative, but rather an improvement and completion of conventional conventional dentistry, which I hope many of my colleagues will understand.