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The integration of theory into exciting case reports, facilitates the reader's access to complex health issues. The book provides easy-to-understand information about unknown and unrecognized causes of diseases in the dental and jaw area and helps to prevent chronic suffering. Many chronically ill people suffer from a clinical picture that they are not even aware of as such at the moment: chronic stress from the dental and jaw area. Everyone should know about what stresses or harms or can harm them, so that they can protect and safeguard themselves. The case presentations in this book show the dramatic importance of dentistry practiced from a holistic point of view. The question thickens as to whether what the ordinary dentist is practicing today may not be producing chronic diseases that affect an unknown high percentage of our population.
This book is therefore also intended to encourage all those patients who are looking in vain for help with chronic ailments, all of which have nothing directly tangibly to do with teeth. The courage should be to consider chronic dental and jaw stresses as one of the most disease-relevant stresses and to eliminate them. The hope that everything and every disease and every ill feeling could have its cause in the tooth-jaw area is naturally just as wrong as the fashionable disregard of the "tooth disturbance fields and tooth foci". This book answers important questions for all dental patients:
Holistic Questions for All Dental Patients:
  • Are there adverse effects of the materials the dentist puts in the mouth to plug the cavities in the teeth?
  • Are there consequences of the materials the dentist puts in the mouth to make artificial crowns and bridges?
  • Are there consequences of killing an animated part of the body - namely the tooth with its nerves and its blood vesse ls?
  • Are there consequences of the materials that the dentist puts in the mouth to make tooth adjustments in children?
  • Where does the artistic tooth replacement - that is, the artificial imitation and imitation of the natural beauty and intactness of the chewing tool - strike back?
  • Where does the turn from "replacement of nature" to disturbance and destruction of natural health occur?
  • Where does continuous exposure to foreign dental and dental substitute materials lead to more extensive chronic changes elsewhere in the body?
This book is not a general condemnation of what happens in dentistry every day. The principle of this book is a completely undogmatic one:

Principles of Holistic Dentistry
  • There is no absolute "right" or "wrong" in medicine: all measures must be seen from an individual point of view: "What is a burden to one does not bother another".
  • Holistic dentistry clarifies which dental materials, dead teeth, jaw inflammation specifically reduce YOUR performance, immune status and stress resistance of various organs.
  • Holistic dentistry also takes care of background stresses, such as environmental toxins, food allergies, and emotions, insofar as they trigger or promote dental-jaw ailments.
  • Holistic dentistry creates a diagnostic and treatment plan for the individual that applies these principles in an individualized manner.
Consequently, this book does not show "other" or "better" dentistry. But it does reveal unrecognized connections and offers new solutions for limited sensitivities, chronic diseases and performance-reducing symptoms. These solutions are not advertisements for particular procedures or particular people. They are part of a treatment plan that integrates the diseased individual parts into a healthy whole. I gratefully adopt for this book the testimonials of my patients that demonstrate the importance of the medical approach I have been fighting and working for for thirty years
The integration of total health into dental procedures and treatments.
When can the book "The Enemy in My Mouth" help you?
  • Do you suspect that your general health and performance are not good?
  • Do you suspect that your condition is related to exposures from amalgam fillings and other dental metals? (For more information, visit
  • Do you suspect that dead teeth are partly responsible for your current state of health? (For more information, visit
  • Do you suspect that you suffer from compromised immune systems and increased stress levels? (For more information, visit
  • Do you suffer from an illness whose causes "nobody knows" or whose causes "nobody can treat"?

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