BOOK "Osteonecrose Cavitacional nos maxilares" PT


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Product information "BOOK "Osteonecrose Cavitacional nos maxilares" PT"

The book "Steonecrose Cavitacional nos maxilares", based on the study of Maxillomandibular osteoimmunology, is now available. Authored by Dr. Dr. (PhD-UCN) Johann Lechner and Dr. Regeane Kaniak, this edition in Portuguese covers the main concepts and studies on the chemokine RANTES and its relationship with cavitational osteonecroses also known as bone cavitations, FDOJ (Fatty degenerative osteonecrosis in jawbone), BMDJ(bone marrow diseases in jawbone), osteonecrotic cavitation-induced neuralgia. Etiopathogenesis, morphology, diagnosis, and systemic relationships, in addition to the basis of Maxillomandibular osteoimmunology and understanding of the bone processes of healing and repair and their relationship to metabolism. Scientific basis necessary for understanding pathology within dentistry and medicine.

Pages: 400
Language: Portuguese