Book "Cavitational Osteonecrosis in Jawbone" EN
From misjudged local inflammation to dangerous systemic disease.You will gain insight into the functional and immunological derailment of the jawbone.You will learn the localisation of jawbone inflammation through new ultrasound sonography.Scientifically sound definition:What is NICO, FDOJ and Maxillo-Mandibular Osteoimmunology in modern dentistry?Scientific fact:The link from local inflammation to systemic dysfunction - hyperactivated immune signals RANTES/CCL5 from the jawbone.Unique in dental practice:Objective localisation of inflammation in the jawbone with the latest ultrasound technology CaviTAU®.CaviTAU® in the practice and in Slow Dentistry:Radiation-free imaging of bone density with ultrasound: bone density beyond X-rays.CaviTAU® shows jawbone with reduced bone density:Where are the systemic and immunologically relevant RANTES/CCL5 roots of disease?Implant success, Clean Implants and CaviTAU®:"Do I implant into healthy bone? Or into bone marrow defects?"Endodontics and CaviTAU®:Is there post-endodontic inflammation?Trigeminal neuralgia, facial pain and CaviTAU®:Probably the most painful disease in the world.Neurodegeneration ALS, MS and CaviTAU®:RANTES/CCL5 from bone marrow defects and CNS?398 pages392 illustrations670 referencesISBN: 978-3-931351-45-8

Combination package "Cavity-forming osteolyses in the jawbone" in German - Volumes I to IV, incl. book slipcase
With these four books, the authors establish a new field in medicine and dentistry:An Interdisciplinary Maxillo-Mandibular Osteoimmunology. All four volumes document the fatty degenerative osteolyses of the jawbone on a case-by-case basis, emphasise their conspicuous overexpression of the inflammatory messenger RANTES/CCL5 and discuss chronic diseases possibly triggered by this on the basis of scientific publications in GoogleScholar.

BOOK in German: Volume IV "Visualisation of cavity-forming osteolyses in the jawbone with sonography".
Dr. Dr. (PhD-UCN) Johann LechnerVisualisation of cavity-forming osteolyses in the jawbone with sonographyRadiation-free imaging for maxillo-mandibular osteoimmunologyPathomechanisms of chronic inflammatory diseasesWith over 200 multicolour images for interpretation of CaviTAU® ultrasound measurements ( on bone density in the jawsWith over 560 literature citations on the scientific backgroundISBN 978-3-931351-43-4

BOOK in German: Volume III "Maxillo-Mandibular Osteoimmunology and Chronic Inflammation in the Maxillary Bone".
Dr. Dr. (PhD-UCN) Johann LechnerMaxillo-mandibular osteoimmunology and chronic inflammation in the jawbone After Volume I in 2011, Volume II in 2015, Volume III on cavity-forming osteolyses of the jawbone with their oral and systemic manifestations will now be published in 2019. These three books by the authors Dr.Dr.(PhDUCN) J. Lechner, Prof. JE. Bouquot and Dr. V. von Baehr, with a total of over 600 colour illustrations and over 1,000 literature citations, establish the new therapeutic and research branch of a "Maxillo-Mandibular Osteoimmunology" on over 800 pages. ISBN 978-3-931351-35-9

BOOK in German: Volume II "Histology & Immunology of Cavity Forming Osteolyses of the Maxillary Bone".
Dr. Dr. (PhD-UCN) Johann LechnerOral and Systemic Manifestation of a Maxillo-Mandibular Osteoimmunology With this book, three authors enter a new field in medicine and dentistry: an interdisciplinary maxillo-mandibular osteo-immunology. They present this in a case-related and casuistic manner and discuss the clinical pictures associated with fatty degenerative osteolysis of the jawbone (FDOK). Following Volume I entitled "Cavity-forming osteolyses of the jawbone" from 2011, further scientific data on FDOK is now available. Prof. Bouquot has made available his extensive histological image material on FDOK / "NICO". In addition, 2000 of his own histologies from FDOK were analysed and evaluated.ISBN 978-3-931351-30-4

BOOK in German: Volume I "Cavity-forming osteolyses of the jaw bone"
Dr. Dr. (PhD-UCN) Johann LechnerSystematic-holistic effects of the aseptic osteonecroses "jaw ostitis" and "NICO" in the jawIn the author's practice, astounding improvements in rheumatoid, neuralgic complaints and other systemic diseases are observed after cleaning painless and radiographically inconspicuous edentulous jaw areas (NICO). These are structurally characterised by fatty-degenerative osteonecrosis of the cancellous bone. In order to clarify systemic relationships, osteolytic and fatty-degenerative cancellous bone portions were taken from jaw areas in a total of 17 subjects and analysed for 27 immune messengers using bead-based multiplex technology. All 17 NICO samples consistently showed the highest levels of RANTES/CCL5. The scientific literature on the causes and metastatic tendency of breast cancer assigns a key role to RANTES as a signalling agent.ISBN 978-3-931351-19-9

Book slipcase for "Cavity-forming osteolyses in the jaw bone" (Volumes I-IV in German)
Beautifully designed book slipcase for the entire book series in German: Volumes I to IV "Cavity-forming osteolyses in the jawbone" by Dr. Dr. (PhD-UCN) Johann Lechner.

BOOK in German: Deguz Monograph (volume 2)
Immunology and Toxicology of the Root-Filled Tooth - Environmental Dentistry and Endodontics". This DEGUZ Monograph 02 is the second in a series of scientifically validated DEGUZ publications. DEGUZ monographs are produced by physicians and dentists organized in the DEGUZ to document and define the content of what environmental dentistry can do for chronically ill, but also healthy people in advance of systemic immunological diseases. They prove that members of the DEGUZ are competent contacts when dentistry is not defined exclusively by aesthetics and functionality, but integrates a systemic-immunological orientation of dental treatment. ISBN 978-3-931351-33-5

BOOK in German: Interference field diagnostics, drug and material testing (volume 1)
Theory and practice of the arm length reflex test. Pathogenesis and salutogenesis.ISBN 3-927344-20-6

BOOK in German: Interference field diagnostics, drug and material testing (volume 2)
Kinesiology, arm length reflex test and SkaSys test computer. An economical digital testing system based on the latest scalar-wave transmitted technology. Interference Field Diagnostics, Drug and Material Testing - Part 2 This book conveys the symbiosis of the Arm Length Reflex Test according to R. van Assche in connection with the human image of Clinical Kinesiology according to A. Beardall and Physioenergetics. However, the reader encounters another dimension of testing in this book: the novel test system SkaSys. With the help of SkaSys, countless questions can be asked to the Inner Physician with high precision. Every healthy biological system is characterized by a high ordering principle. The primary task of a therapist is to recognize how a cosmic principle of order - leading to health - can be reintroduced into chaos - which manifests itself in illness; after this diagnostic step, the secondary task of the therapist is to find out how this principle can be maintained in the long term. ISBN 3-927344-44-3

BOOK in German: Trigeminal interference fields and systemic diseases
A systemic remediation concept for odontogenic interference fields. Interfering Fields in the Trigeminal Area and Systemic Diseases A Holistic Medicine Textbook on the Theory and Practice of the Remediation of Odontogenic Interfering Fields by Dr. Johann Lechner. This book is the documentation of a phenomenon that is still not perceived or at least not taken seriously by wide areas of medicine and dentistry: The chronic stresses from the dental and jaw area as systemic irritation factors. These contribute significantly to the mass of diseases that burden our health care system with immunological derailment reactions, with unclear symptoms and with therapy resistance. An exciting casuistry runs through the theoretical superstructure, which cites international, especially US-American sources, but also relies on the statistical evaluation of its own material. ISBN 3-927344-47-8

BOOK in German: The enemy in my mouth
The integration of theory into exciting case reports, facilitates the reader's access to complex health issues. The book provides easy-to-understand information about unknown and unrecognized causes of diseases in the dental and jaw area and helps to prevent chronic suffering. Many chronically ill people suffer from a clinical picture that they are not even aware of as such at the moment: chronic stress from the dental and jaw area. Everyone should know about what stresses or harms or can harm them, so that they can protect and safeguard themselves. The case presentations in this book show the dramatic importance of dentistry practiced from a holistic point of view. The question thickens as to whether what the ordinary dentist is practicing today may not be producing chronic diseases that affect an unknown high percentage of our population. This book is therefore also intended to encourage all those patients who are looking in vain for help with chronic ailments, all of which have nothing directly tangibly to do with teeth. The courage should be to consider chronic dental and jaw stresses as one of the most disease-relevant stresses and to eliminate them. The hope that everything and every disease and every ill feeling could have its cause in the tooth-jaw area is naturally just as wrong as the fashionable disregard of the "tooth disturbance fields and tooth foci". This book answers important questions for all dental patients: Holistic Questions for All Dental Patients: Are there adverse effects of the materials the dentist puts in the mouth to plug the cavities in the teeth? Are there consequences of the materials the dentist puts in the mouth to make artificial crowns and bridges? Are there consequences of killing an animated part of the body - namely the tooth with its nerves and its blood vesse ls? Are there consequences of the materials that the dentist puts in the mouth to make tooth adjustments in children? Where does the artistic tooth replacement - that is, the artificial imitation and imitation of the natural beauty and intactness of the chewing tool - strike back? Where does the turn from "replacement of nature" to disturbance and destruction of natural health occur? Where does continuous exposure to foreign dental and dental substitute materials lead to more extensive chronic changes elsewhere in the body? This book is not a general condemnation of what happens in dentistry every day. The principle of this book is a completely undogmatic one: Principles of Holistic Dentistry There is no absolute "right" or "wrong" in medicine: all measures must be seen from an individual point of view: "What is a burden to one does not bother another". Holistic dentistry clarifies which dental materials, dead teeth, jaw inflammation specifically reduce YOUR performance, immune status and stress resistance of various organs. Holistic dentistry also takes care of background stresses, such as environmental toxins, food allergies, and emotions, insofar as they trigger or promote dental-jaw ailments. Holistic dentistry creates a diagnostic and treatment plan for the individual that applies these principles in an individualized manner. Consequently, this book does not show "other" or "better" dentistry. But it does reveal unrecognized connections and offers new solutions for limited sensitivities, chronic diseases and performance-reducing symptoms. These solutions are not advertisements for particular procedures or particular people. They are part of a treatment plan that integrates the diseased individual parts into a healthy whole. I gratefully adopt for this book the testimonials of my patients that demonstrate the importance of the medical approach I have been fighting and working for for thirty years The integration of total health into dental procedures and treatments. When can the book "The Enemy in My Mouth" help you? Do you suspect that your general health and performance are not good? Do you suspect that your condition is related to exposures from amalgam fillings and other dental metals? (For more information, visit Do you suspect that dead teeth are partly responsible for your current state of health? (For more information, visit Do you suspect that you suffer from compromised immune systems and increased stress levels? (For more information, visit Do you suffer from an illness whose causes "nobody knows" or whose causes "nobody can treat"?ISBN 978-3000200489

BOOK in German: Healthy teeth - healthy person
The central question of this book: the dentist - mechanic or medical doctor? Dear reader, It takes a certain amount of courage to buy a book about dentistry to buy, because most people do not like to go to the dentist. This profession is associated with pain, with drilling and chiseling and pulling. For me, as a representative of my profession, it is a challenge to counter this cliché and change the public image of dentistry. dentistry in the public eye. Because actually dental treatment is about something completely different: preserving, protecting, healing. protecting, healing. These goals, at least, are represented by Holistic Dentistry. It is is not known to large parts of the population, which this book will hopefully hopefully will change. Holistic dentistry is represented by about 2000 of my colleagues in Germany. They are all concerned not to repair locally, but to strengthen and mobilize the entire organism in its self-regulatory forces. in its self-regulatory powers and to mobilize it. Dentistry is not a craft with a medical background. Dentistry is medicine - that is the credo of this book. What does that mean specifically? The majority of my patients, who often come from come to my holistic practice from far away, are people with a long People with a long history of suffering. They have one or more chronic diseases, diffuse symptoms, unclear nerve pain, complain about symptoms such as fatigue, overstimulation, sometimes also about anxiety. They have usually had a long odyssey through clinics and doctor's offices until someone in this chain came up with the idea of had the idea to send them to a holistic dentist. I listen to their problems, and it is not uncommon for us to come across a past conversation, we also come across a past dental treatment that started the that started their suffering. Often their symptoms are connected with a poisoning of the organism by metals or interference fields. fields. If I then remove the incriminating dental materials and eliminate the fields, this sometimes has amazing effects that make one believe in a miracle. miracle. However, this book is not about miracles, but about a different kind of dental thinking that leads, for example, to a patient with a patient with a 15-year-old facial neuralgia after the surgical after the surgical removal of a dental interference field. after surgical removal of a dental interference field - and remains so to this day. I would like to familiarize you with the basics the basics of this way of thinking - with the meridian theory, which is based on the the connection between the internal organs and the teeth, with the theory, which some of you may have come across before, with a small with a little material science, which will show you which dentures are really dentures are really compatible for your mouth. Unfortunately, conventional dentistry, whose training regulations are now being reformed for the first time in 50 years, has lost sight of many of the key developments in regulatory medicine, biocybernetics, cellular chemistry, and quantum quantum physics in the past decades, which has led to a dramatic lack of knowledge. This has led to a dramatic lack of knowledge in German dentistry in the forward-looking field of in the forward-looking field of life sciences. The holistic dentistry has not stopped researching and its representatives in natural representatives in naturopathy as well as other therapies. My colleagues and I therefore sit back and relax when we are accused by professional associations accuse us of not having scientifically verified our not scientifically tested. In reality, they are simply conventional dentistry are simply far ahead of the needs of the patients. patients. The patients, you, dear readers, have always had a good sense of what conventional medicine is missing. Not without reason, the majority of the population would like to have naturopathic methods procedures into their medical treatment, and the desire for materials that are as non-toxic and biocompatible as possible is great. The Holistic Dentistry takes this into account. When you visit one of your dentists, he will not simply tear out everything that has been done there so far and make it " new", but will carefully tailor his carefully to your individual needs, as you will learn on the following pages. You will learn about this on the following pages. This is helped by a series of holistic diagnostic procedures, which I will also present to you presented here. Holistic dentistry is not a radical alternative but a alternative, but rather an improvement and completion of conventional conventional dentistry, which I hope many of my colleagues will understand.

BOOK in German: Elements of health
Experts from a wide variety of medical fields, all of whom are committed to committed to holistic medicine centered on the well-being of the patient. feel committed to the well-being of the patient, have summarized their knowledge in this book. Here, a wide range of medical spectrum is presented at a very high level, from scientific level, from the scientifically based holistic medicine to the most medicine on the most current level up to the level of spiritual healing. healing. This wealth of information, which is not presented by theoreticians, but by practically active therapists, is conveyed in a generally understandable way. generally understandable way. It is the declared goal of the therapists to impart practical health knowledge that can be used by interested which can be used by interested laymen independently. With this book we would like to address two groups of readers. To On the one hand people who want to inform themselves about important health issues of our time. want to inform. On the other hand, we would like to address ill people with our book, who are looking for information about their clinical picture. are looking for. For the latter, some very detailed information has been have been included. These can be very valuable for the individual. Therefore, even though they may be too specific for many readers, we have used these references specific for many readers, for this book. OPEN MIND ACADEMY stands for a growing group of. scientists, physicians, and therapists who, with an alert and open and open minds, who look at the causes of diseases, analyze them and treat them purely Treat with the success of the patient in mind. These personalities contribute their power, knowledge and energy free of charge to the OPEN MIND ACADEMY - guided by the search for truth and the love for their their fellow human beings. In the mainstream standardized knowledge is united, which is often not questioned over a long period of time, because its members - according to the mainstream - have to be conformed and authority-obeying to preserve the "proven thinking". To the positive changed our world has always been changed for the better by "troublemakers" like Einstein or Mozart – diese Menschen, die den Weg zur Quelle gegen den Strom suchen, braucht unsere Zeit, in der wir erkennen müssen, dass der Mainstream uns nicht aus der Sackgasse führen wird, in die wir durch den Mainstream have been led. Summarized by Brigitte Ross. ISBN 978-3-9814759-0-6

BOOK in German: Dialogue with the Inner Consciousness
With modern scalar wave technology to emotional self-balance and autonomous consciousness strategies. With the book "Dialogue with the Inner Consciousness" Dr. Dr. (PhD-UCN) brings a new quality to dealing with emotional destabilization, energetic "burnout" and to orthomolecular health care; 30-year experience of the author ; 30 years of the author's experience with bioenergetics has been incorporated into this book. This book describes navigation tools for the invisible, that let you explore your own inner self. The presented MindLINK® process combines patented scalar wave technology with the the competence of the inner consciousness to select decisive choose. This resonance leads to an autonomous encounter with the inner self and is the inner self and is the guiding principle of MindLINK® therapy. Easy-to-learn techniques with the MindLINK TEST® and PrevenTEST® software make MindLINK® a valuable aid for daily practice. All MindLINK® products and their applications are described in detail in the book; both test systems are presented. ISBN 978-3000125324

BOOK in German: Arm length reflex test and systemic kinesiology
In this manual, the author provides a step-by-step introduction to Systemic Kinesiology with the Arm Length Reflex Test. In this examination method, which he himself helped to develop, is the detection of deep-seated stress phenomena in the foreground.With the arm length reflex test according to Raphael van Assche is available to physicians, alternative practitioners and therapists a simple, but meaningful means to Means available, with which they can ask questions to the organism of your Patients can ask. The execution of the test and the evaluation of the answers that the body gives in the form of reflex reactions, the author presents in detail in words and pictures. ISBN 978-3935767019

BOOK in German: Inflammation, regulation and information
Chronic interference fields in the dental, oral and maxillary . Already the title of the book by Johann Lechner "Hearth, Regulation and. Information" describes the development within the modern, integrative medicine: the author develops the concept of the inflammatory interference field from the "hearth" to the biocybernetic regulation of the organism and concludes with the functional model of holistic information. information. The chronic stresses - especially from the jaw area - are reweighted within the framework of a systemic pathogenesis and pathogenesis of disease. The search for causes of disease of disease takes on a new dimension, as the author discusses its complexity discusses: The chronic-toxic stresses caused by incompatible materials - e.g. amalgam and other heavy and precious metals - as well as the as well as the stress caused by scars, psyche and geopathy. In the foreground is the chronic inflammatory permanent stress caused by the osteonecrosis of the jaw or NICO after (Neuralgia Inducing Cavitational Osteonecrosis). The book is an orientation guide for the beginner in systemically oriented dentistry, with which he can become acquainted with a functional functional way of thinking. A common thread runs through throughout the book: The author endeavors to use medical-scientific the dimensions of a holistic-integrative medicine with medical-scientific holistic-integrative medicine. The book is clearly structured and is an inexpensive introduction to an efficient implementation of systemic-integrative therapy methods into daily practice and therefore conveys a high, practical benefit.