BOOK in German: "The Enemy in My Mouth


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Product information "BOOK in German: "The Enemy in My Mouth"

Dr. Dr. (PhD-UCN) Johann Lechner 

Unknown and unrecognised dangers to health from tooth and jaw interference fields.

The book "The Enemy in My Mouth" is a captivating account of a holistic treatment concept. It considers the organism as an interconnected overall system and takes into account both medical and dental aspects of a disease. The author realises this practice in a combination of 30 years of experience in holistic dentistry and a complementary activity as a non-medical practitioner.Many chronically ill people suffer from a clinical picture that they are not even aware of as such at the moment: chronic stress from the dental and jaw area. Everyone should know about what stresses or harms or can harm them so that they can protect and safeguard themselves.

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