BOOK in German: Volume I "Cavity-forming osteolyses of the jaw bone"


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Product information "BOOK in German: Volume I "Cavity-forming osteolyses of the jaw bone""

Dr. Dr. (PhD-UCN) Johann Lechner

Systematic-holistic effects of the aseptic osteonecroses "jaw ostitis" and "NICO" in the jaw

In the author's practice, astounding improvements in rheumatoid, neuralgic complaints and other systemic diseases are observed after cleaning painless and radiographically inconspicuous edentulous jaw areas (NICO). These are structurally characterised by fatty-degenerative osteonecrosis of the cancellous bone. In order to clarify systemic relationships, osteolytic and fatty-degenerative cancellous bone portions were taken from jaw areas in a total of 17 subjects and analysed for 27 immune messengers using bead-based multiplex technology. All 17 NICO samples consistently showed the highest levels of RANTES/CCL5. The scientific literature on the causes and metastatic tendency of breast cancer assigns a key role to RANTES as a signalling agent.

ISBN 978-3-931351-19-9