Booklet "Chronic Jawbone Inflammation and Systemic Diseases" EN


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Product information "Booklet "Chronic Jawbone Inflammation and Systemic Diseases" EN"

Published by Dr. Dr. (PHD-UCN) Johann Lechner

This comprehensive booklet provides valuable insights into Chronic Osteonecrosis and Fatty Degenerative Osteonecrosis in the Jawbone (COJ/FDOJ) through a series of visual documentation.

The booklet features a collection of high-resolution images and corresponding X-rays that vividly showcase the severity and implications of osteonecrotic conditions. Dr. Lechner's expertise and meticulous documentation enable a deeper understanding of the relationship between chronic jawbone inflammation and various systemic diseases.

  • Different Tumors
  • Atypical Facial Pain/Trigeminal Neuralgia
  • Rheumatic Complaints
  • Internal Diseases
  • Immune Diseases
  • Neuropathic Diseases
  • Chronic Fatigue Sydrome/Burn-Out

To document the osteonecrotic intensity of the FDOJ cases the Corresponding individual X-rays are displayed beside/above the FDOJ images.